reSET Logo for WebThis site was developed by reSET – Social Enterprise Trust to serve as a resource to anyone interested in learning more about benefit corporations in Connecticut, and the rapidly developing national social enterprise legal landscape.

We believe that everyone should have access to information about how to start a benefit corporation in Connecticut, and what it means to be a social enterprise. We understand, however, that the social enterprise landscape in Connecticut, and across the country is in a state of continuous innovation and change. We hope this website will serve as a place where anyone can go to find the most up-to-date information on Connecticut’s social enterprise sector, and the national trends that will no doubt have a large affect on it in the future. We also hope to build a more robust community of social entrepreneurs, consumers and professionals that seek to support them, and to make Connecticut the State to start and operate a benefit corporation.



Putting together this site was a team effort, and we’d like to thank everyone involved:

Andrea Gates Sanford, creator of, was extremely generous with her time and advice. Without her guidance, and her pioneering efforts to track and build a community of Social Purpose Corporations in Washington, it would have been much more difficult to put this site together.

David Menard, James McLaughlin, and Jackie Rowe of Murtha Cullina LLP were incredibly generous with their time, and provided both legal and marketing expertise in the development of this site. Their work to support reSET and Connecticut’s social enterprise movement has been and continues to be vital to its growth.

Darcy St. Onge developed the CT Benefit Corp logo and helped with web design. His consultation and assistance in developing an engaging user interface has been a great help.

Site Administrators

James Woulfe manages our content and Ojala Naeem is our webmaster.

Comments and Moderation

Areas on this site open to comments and submissions are meant to allow for shared learning and a healthy dialogue about benefit corporations, and social enterprise. We expect any and all submissions to be respectful and will not tolerate abusive or irrelevant comments or submissions.