A benefit corporation is to required to generate an  annual benefit report be distributed to each shareholder of the benefit corporation, and to the public through the benefit corporation’s web site. In Connecticut, and annual benefit report must include the following elements:

  1. A narrative description of the benefit corporation’s pursuit of a general public benefit, and the extent to which such a public benefit was created;
  2. If the benefit corporation elected to pursue a specific public benefit purpose, it must describe the ways in which it pursued a specific public benefit, and the extent to which it was created;
  3. Any circumstances that hindered the creation of the general or any specific public benefit;
  4. An assessment of the social and environmental performance of the benefit corporation. The assessment must:

    • Be prepared in accordance with a third party standard specified in the benefit corporation’s certificate of incorporation or bylaws that has been consistently applied in previous annual benefit reports.
    • Be accompanied by an explanation for any inconsistent application of the standard.
    • Contain any other information or disclosures required by the third party standard that is adopted.
  5. The name of each benefit director and the address where they can be contacted;
  6. The compensation paid by the benefit corporation to each director in his or her capacity as director;
  7. The name of each person that owns five percent or more of the outstanding shares of the benefit corporation.